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Adam Red | Gwen Witherspoon Makes Your Vision V.I.V.I.D.™

Make Your Vision Vivid in 5 Simple Steps

As the principal & chief visionary officer of Adam Red, I often get asked, “Who Is Adam Red?” I love the question because it gives me the opportunity to share the vision of my company. Well, the short story is that “He” represents the origins of identity: who you are, what you’re made of, and the work you’ve been given. Adam Red is an Atlanta branding agency that takes a comprehensive approach to developing the tools that you need to grow your brand. The foundation of our brand is in that name.

Adam means “maker”. It also means “earth” and “ruddy”…or “to be red”. So, Adam Red is about purpose and productivity. Our services include branding, digital, content, and experiences. That basically means that we not only do everything you need to to define your visual identity, but everything you need to build a brand that will make you more money, establish stronger customer and client relationships, and inspire your team members and audience to become your ambassadors. The truth is that Adam Red is the strategic partner you’ve been needing to position your brand for growth.

Here to Solve Your Identity Crisis

This post is not just a shameless plug. I wanted to start with our identity so you can understand how important it is to solve your identity crisis. Every service we offer and every strategy we employ is based on our belief that we are created beings with gifts and callings for an eternal purpose. You have to be able to talk about and share your brand in a way that communicates the core of who you are as an individual and what your company is about as well. If you cannot do that, you have an identity crisis. It is possible to be in business for years without understanding who you really are or what makes your company special. Making money is not a replacement for defining your identity as an entrepreneur. You need a vision for personal and business growth.

Branding is sexy these days. Everyone is talking about it, and there are many coaches who want to help you brand your business. You can even get assistance with your personal brand. In fact, whether you acknowledge it or not, you are a brand right now. You teach people every day what they can expect from you. The secret–whether in business or in life–is to get a vision for who you are, what you’re made of, and the work you’ve been given.

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