Portrayed-Perpetuated by Ron Witherspoon  |  Artist’s Statement

Visual representation by way of ‘static’ imagery that leads to normalization of negative portrayals is malicious and detrimental on targeted groups. Although presented anew with each appearance, not unlike images presented in the past, the image remains less than its creator, staid in essence, fixed.

How does the impact of this constant bombardment of negative coded imagery that portrays a group as ‘less than’ affect the core of ones psyche, the person, the spirit?

On some levels this constant attack over-normalizes and solidifies the false representation commodified into cultural production by the affected group further expanding the cultural restructuring and reshaping personal representations and identity. Otherwise, accepting abnormal as normal – thus portraying and perpetuating by the portrayed.

Impactful and destructive messages broadcast as truths into the cultural zeitgeist have further eroded and continue to skew culture, truths and spirit power of the affected groups.

This series of images, Portrayed – Perpetuated, attempts to address these visual codes and concerns to alert, enlighten, motivate and educate the viewer and consumer to search for their truths countering the portrayed with the inclusion of original poetic verse, photography and mixed media materials.


Click here to see Portrayed-Perpetuated as part of the group show, Elements of a Revolution: A Virtual Exhibition by the City of Atlanta and Hammonds House Museum

October 4 through November 8, 2020