Chief Operating Officer

While many fight their way to the top of the corporate ladder, Katrina strives to be the ladder. With over 25 years of administration, sales, marketing and management experience, Katrina Michele Mitchell works tirelessly to position entrepreneurs to build businesses that stand out amongst the competition—in an excellent way. Known by many for her wisdom, compassion and heart of servitude, she’s not the coach who calls the shots from the sidelines. She’s in the game right with you—every step of the way! After recognizing opportunities for growth and improvement in businesses, Katrina knew her purpose and passion was to help entrepreneurs build their businesses better. With years of experience in marketing and branding for entrepreneurs, as well as ministries, she serves as an exceptional resource for various types of services and entrepreneurial endeavors. Whether you need to generate greater revenue or build an effective brand strategy, set up your brick-and-mortar or get coaching on client retention, Katrina’s keen eye for detail, intuitive problem-solving skills, and versatility is unmatched in the marketplace. In addition to her degrees in merchandising and administration, and years of professional experience as a manager and executive in major corporations, Katrina has proven to be a successful business owner of over twenty years. Her passion for seeing others walk in excellence drives her direct, strategic approach to leadership and entrepreneurship. In all that she does, she seeks to encourage and empower people worldwide to build authentic brands that transform the lives of others and, ultimately, change the world.