Senior Director, Photography


Ron is responsible for the photographic vision of our clients’ brands. From concept to completion, he interprets the visual language that will speak to your audience. It’s part art, part science, and all skill gained from the precision of a craftsman and the heart of an artist.


The proliferation of mobile technology has brought a camera to every device and made each of us a “photographer”. Though convenient, this purist doesn’t see that fact as a replacement for professionally-generated images based on a sound visual strategy. In fact, you may want to make sure you have some time on your hands if you engage him in a conversation about it.


During the Great Migration out of the South, his parents went West, and Ron was born and raised in San Francisco, California. His upbringing there meant that his kindergarten class looked like the United Nations with many cultures represented. That framed his world view and created a sophisticated palette for international flavors.

His love of photography began at the age of twelve when his mother gave him a bag of Blue Chip stamps. She told him that if he glued them into the stamp books, he could get whatever he wanted in exchange. He saw a Kodak Instamatic Camera (that he still has today), and the rest–as they say–was history. Creating images for family and friends became a passion. He saw how the images he shared brought joy to his subjects, and his soul was hooked. 

Becoming a U.S. Army Photojournalist gave him the opportunity to travel the world capturing service member stories for publication in their hometown newspapers. For him, the next logical step was earning his graduate degree. An MFA just made sense because his concentration in photography and digital imagery helped him make the leap from film, and he was able to break past the limits of his commercial work.


The agency is his wife’s brainchild and the perfect way to blend their life’s work. He makes it possible for her to spend each day building, and her visionary tendencies push him to explore new categories for his digital catalog. It’s a perfect marriage (pun intended). Ron is a necessary part of each team member’s brand strategy conversations as he explores advancing technologies, invests in the latest equipment, and develops and trains visual content creators.


When Ron is not working, he’s working. Even when he’s resting, he’s gathering knowledge from documentaries, exploring new production techniques, creating original art, or researching equipment. While he’s imagining the next project, he is tending a small garden and pondering the principles of life and development. Then, those philosophies are translated into his ultimate joy–being able to get into the kitchen and cook a meal (while sometimes donning his Le Cordon Bleu chef’s coat) from food that he grew. Eating fresh from the soil that he tilled is a very special reward.


“Photography is one form of universal communication. What you see as finished work is the culmination of every facet of your thoughts and experience focused on a window of stimulating opportunity.” – Ron Witherspoon


42% Intellectual • 37% Caregiver • 21% Spiritual


  1. Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development by Barry J. Wadworth
  2. Colored Pictures: Race & Visual Representation by Michael D. Harris
  3. The Warrior Method: A Parent’s Guide to Rearing Healthy Black Boys by Raymond A. Winbush, PhD