Senior Director, Photography

A native of San Francisco, Ron has been working as a photographer for over 35 years. He is also a fine artist and is constantly pulled in multiple directions. The artist in him wants to educate, motivate and touch the spirit of his audience, while the pure photographer wants to document, excite and historicize life as he sees it. His commercial clients appreciate the push-pull of the artist and how it affects their finished photography product. His art collectors are drawn to the mental, social and sometimes emotional challenge that is an original Ron Witherspoon photo-centered work of art.

Witherspoon grew up in a multicultural community in San Francisco. He caught the photo bug from a Kodak Instamatic camera at the age of 12. He began his career as a street photographer in the vision and spirit of Roy DeCarava, Robert Doisneau and Adger Cowans. He discovered these iconic photographers as he researched and explored photography and felt a kinship with the spirit of their works and aspires to their greatness. Ron has explored and mastered many facets of photography to include photojournalism, commercial, documentary, portrait, event, wedding and fine art photography. He likes to say that he will point his camera at anything, as long as it is not illegal or immoral.

As a freelance photographer Ron has traveled the Caribbean, Canada and South Africa on photography assignments. He works with a fantastic team of designers, technicians and creatively crazy people. He served his country as a United States Army Photojournalist and News Editor who traveled North Africa, South America and the United States creating images and writing stories about American service-members for six years. Ron lives between Atlanta and San Francisco, and travels throughout the United States creating imagery and a body of fine art for corporate, entrepreneurial, government and educational clients.

He believes in formal education and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Communications from San Francisco State University, and a Masters in Fine Art (MFA) from Georgia State University School of Art & Design with a concentration in Photography and Digital Imaging.

Ron has spent the past 14 years post graduate school working as a commercial photographer creating marketing, public relations, advertising and editorial images. At the same time he has been developing a body of fine art and is working on a new series of images for a photography art show in late 2019 with the Atlanta-based art group, Nuance.

Ron says he lives, “…a charmed life as an artist and photographer which has allowed me to use all my skills, training and motivation to help my clients brand, market and promote their organizations.”