Sherry Sissac

Director, Communications

Sherry Sissac is an experienced executive and creative thought leader with nearly three decades of providing leadership, vision and focus on the development of strategies that drive organizational accountability and community engagement. Sherry’s public, private and nonprofit sector experience, along with her strong problem solving and decision-making skills, enable her to create action plans and policies that support the organization’s key strategies. She is lauded for her holistic perspective—ability to see the big picture. As a former journalist and public affairs officer, Sherry has excellent communication skills, written and verbal with the ability to present materials in a poised and confident manner. Sherry presents complex ideas in a clear and fluent style that captures attention and articulates key points of issues while demonstrating consideration of other perspectives. Her natural curiosity allows her to maintain a focus on both community-level and organization/program-level key indicators of success. Skilled in listening and synthesizing input and data, Sherry is a proven leader in change management and communicating change. Her ability to lead across organizational boundaries has allowed her to build and sustain productive relationships with diverse individuals and a variety of communities. She fosters teamwork through trust, servant leadership, and a deep appreciation for personal, institutional and community growth.