Director, Business Development


Vanessa is a problem solver. She listens to first understand. The marketplace is a ripe field that she cultivates with confidence in our team and a genuine desire to get results for our clients. She takes pride in and will not rest until she sees measurable progress. Whatever it takes, she will carve out as many paths as necessary to arrive at the right solution. She instills confidence, stays calm under pressure, and instinctively eliminates issues before they develop. 


Her job is to identify business opportunities, build and maintain relationships with future and current clients, collaborate on strategy to determine objectives, and evaluate current business performance. Pretty straightforward. She literally has decades under her belt working in corporate America proving herself capable of that exceeding expectations year after year, and she’s been recognized for it. That’s not what matters to her.

She’s a wise soul that is lively and curious and passionate about making the seemingly impossible possible. Vanessa is the one who connects and participates, not to advance herself, but to make more resources available so that everyone wins. She does it for our team. She does it for our clients. She does it to make a difference.


Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, one of her favorite childhood memories is being able to walk to the neighborhood recreation center where she developed a love of arts and crafts. Every visit was an adventure. (That explains why even today as an adult her project list keeps getting longer.) The inspiration she found at that center has caused her to invest so much of her career into developing and cultivating community partnerships. She not only received her early and graduate formal education in St. Louis, but it was there that she learned to cherish the power of collaboration to transform hearts and minds. It’s hard to tell what had the biggest influence–the sense of curiosity brought to life in the act of creating, or those Sunday dinners at her grandmother’s house. There she listened and lived for those moments with the people that she freely loved. The good times shared at family picnics always stayed with her, and they made her charismatic and selfless as became a teacher, mentor, and civil servant.


Vanessa enjoys that she has the opportunity to invest herself fully into the success of our clients just because of the sheer scope of projects that we do. Our comprehensive approach, her extensive knowledge, and her reputation as a tireless mediator helps her cut through to the heart of the matter at hand with compassion, fairness, and balance. We count on her wisdom and cool head and how she treats each account and client relationship with the utmost care.


Every chance she gets, Vanessa will be traveling–domestically or internationally–she’s not picky. In fact, her goal is to visit all fifty states and every continent. Once her feet are back on the ground, she’s attending sporting events and concerts, doing interior design projects, or volunteering.


“The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been, and the memories we’ve made along the way.” – Author Unknown


47% Intellectual • 35% Caregiver • 18% Explorer


  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
  2. The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren
  3. Successful Women Think Differently by Valorie Burton