Vivid Magazine is Partnering with Conferences & Organizations Nationwide to Cultivate the Visionary Lifestyle

The path of the entrepreneur is paved with a lifetime of growth disguised as failure. Business owners, founders, and leaders need training, coaching, mentoring, and tools, but none of it matters without vision. Our goal is to cultivate the visionary lifestyle with a suite of interactive platforms to help our readers get a vision for every area of life.

As the publisher of Vivid Magazine, we are leveraging the power of technology to make customized short-run versions available for your conference. View our packages in our media kit, or let us develop a special one that fits your budget and conference attendance and revenue goals.

Adam Red | Vivid Magazine at MogulCon

Leverage Your Network

The successful execution of your conference requires that you promote it effectively to your audience. We can help you maximize your community, partner, political, professional, and business relationships.

Increase Your Revenue

You cover your expenses and earn from every conference that you host. Your Vivid Magazine Custom Publication will give you the opportunity to meet and exceed your conference budget with advertising revenue-share.

Expand Your Influence

There is power in media. The opportunity to tell the stories of your conference, your speakers, your attendees, and your partners makes the overall experience more memorable.

Provide Value Before, During & After

As a Vivid Magazine Custom Publishing Partner, your content, sponsors, and speakers will be promoted across our Vivid Brands platforms and through branded social and email marketing campaigns.

Up to 50% Revenue Share

We have multi-channel advertising opportunities across our Vivid Brands platforms: Vivid Magazine, Vivid Talk™ Radio, and Vivid Talk™ LIVE, but the foundation of it all is print advertising. Each issue of Vivid Magazine contains a 60/40 editorial to advertising ratio with a potential for up to $75,000 in total revenue from the print version alone.

Your custom conference package includes 10 pages of custom content valued at $30,250. View page 10 of the media kit to the left for custom publishing rates. Your conference will receive up to 50% of the revenue generated from your sponsor, speaker, and vendor advertising.

Need help selling? Our team can help strategize with you to maximize your network and develop and present sponsorship proposals. It’s a win-win.

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Sample Custom Publications & Promotions

Promotional Video Production

Adam Red and Vivid Brands media sponsorship for women’s business and faith conferences provide a complete suite of traditional, digital, social, and email marketing and promotional video opportunities. Click the links below to view our additional capabilities.

Watch this Marketplace promotional video that we produced with Felicia Phillips.

We created this video to inspire MogulCon attendees and speakers to change their Facebook profile pics to share their enthusiasm and increase ticket sales.

MogulCon: The #1 Event for Influencers & Entrepreneurs

Cover banner, Premium Insider Cover Spread, Conference Guide and Feature Article


“The women who attend MogulCon are there to collaborate. The Vivid Magazine Marketplace is designed with the small business owner in mind to make it available to anyone interested in reaching this valuable target of entrepreneurial women. It’s affordable, no matter where you are in your business. Who would not be proud to have this in their business, at home on the coffee table, or to take it out on appointments?”Felicia Phillips, Founder of MogulCon

She Builds Women’s Leadership Conference

Cover banner, Custom Cover, Premium Insider Cover Spread, Conference Guide and Feature Article


Adam Red and Vivid Brands amplified the appeal of our conference with our branded magazine. It was a necessary element to capture the voice of our audience and to elevate our conference experience. The magazine offers unique custom media solutions for speakers, vendors and attendees. I highly recommend Vivid Brands for digital media as a reputable sponsor and partner for any conference looking for service and media par excellence!” – Melissa D. White, She Builds Administrator

Additional Services

Vivid Magazine is published by Adam Red, a full-service branding agency. View our capabilities.